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Week 8

3 highlights of this course

Even though they were really challenging, the course blog, the mid-term wiki, and the final website were amazing projects in different ways. I learned so much from each, both technically and theoretically, both collaboratively and independently. Putting everything together into a complex, creative, summative product requires the total package of thinking (many Bloom levels!) and many breaks for chocolate.

2 new understandings

(1) Formative assessment!!! Its importance in learning and teaching, and ways to do it online. (2) Technology: I’m not an expert, but I am already using new tools: VoiceThread, FlipGrid, Google docs for collaboration, PBworks–and I’ve gotten much better with WordPress.

Thank you!

Thank you

“Thank you for ALL your kindness” by Constanza on Flickr

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I am so grateful to be in UW-Stout’s E-learning Certificate Program and so grateful to have enrolled in this class! Maggie, you are a wonderful coach, guide, and teacher–always there when we needed you but holding us to the the highest standards. And to my classmates, you all helped me so much with your comments and your example! This class is full of smart, creative, ambitious, disciplined teachers who are dedicated to making the world a better place. I am proud to be part of this group. Good luck to you all!


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